Making Public Transportation Autonomous

Wageningen University in the Netherlands is piloting a self-driving public shuttle bus called WEpod that uses AI to help navigate public roads and drive among regular traffic. The WEpod can hold up to six people at a time, and passengers use a smartphone app to book their seats and specify their destinations.

Teaching Trains to Drive Themselves

An autonomous rail system called AutoHaul is used to transport iron ore from its mines. AutoHaul trains are equipped with an array of sensors that can detect obstructions on tracks so the software can respond accordingly, and can be safer, more efficient, and operate with less downtime than human-operated trains.

Making Long-Haul Trucking Easier

A computer-vision system analyzes truck parking lots along the highway to automatically detect when a spot is available and notify approaching truckers. Roadside parking for truckers is limited and often crowded, making it difficult for long-haul truckers to plan ahead.

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