Personalizing Classes

Deep learning algorithm helps third-grade math teachers in the United States to develop personalized lesson plans. It analyzes Common Core education standards, which sets targets for skills development, and student data to help teachers tailor instructional material for students in the same class but with varying skill levels, which can make traditional, static lesson plans ineffective.

Automating Teacher Assistants

Cognitive computing platform helps to respond to student inquiries for an online course that receives an average of 10,000 messages from students every semester. It can analyze and answer student questions, such as where to find course materials. Such programs could help improve retention rates for online courses, which are generally low because students.

Giving Students Feedback in Real Time

Machine learning algorithm helps to evaluate students’ writing while they draft essays to provide feedback. It evaluates four traits in student writing— language, focus, organization, and evidence—and can detect the use of imprecise language or poor organizational structure to provide both positive feedback and recommendations for improvement.

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